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Ah, hello!!! I'm sorry my room's such a mess, I wasn't really expecting anyone to visit me, especially since I just moved here...

Hey! Why don't you help me unpack?

..."Free labor?" Hey, an experience like this is priceless!!!
Haven't you ever wanted to dig through a stranger's stuff?


In the future, you can navigate to other parts of the site by clicking on the open boxes in my room. Although, there's probably something else you can click on for now...
In the future, more boxes will open, I promise!

You can also click on the assorted buttons in the sidebar. That is, when I get some...


Huh? Who am I?... I don't really know how to put that one into words. Come back with that one later.

shadows cardboard boxes a black and white cat curled up sleeping


8/27/23 - Added Updates Box, Added Website Hit Counter, Added The Full Room


Free Website Hit Counter
Free website hit counter